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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the name Rack&Pin?

A rack and pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a pair of gears which convert rotational motion into linear motion (source text and animation: Wikipedia). An unsung but key component of the modern world.

Now think of all those server racks and scraps of paper pinned to noticeboards... We're aiming to bridge the two with a cloud service comprising online tools ('the platform') and real-world facilities ('docking stations') which help media productions operate more effectively behind the scenes. Learn more

What happens when my subscription expires? Do I lose my data?

Your subscription can expire, and you can modify your account, at any stage without losing your data.

Your subscription level determines how many active productions you can have open at a time. If you downgrade from Pro to Basic, you can only have a limited number of active productions. You choose which productions you want to remain active and the rest will remain frozen. We will store your data as long as you continue to pay any storage charges for your data. Any frozen production can be reactivated at any time in the future.

You can delete productions at any time that you no longer wish to pay storage charges for. You can also delete files within a production to bring your usage to within the free limit.

You can export all your data from a production prior to deletion.

If you downgrade to Free, all productions you have created will be frozen. We will store your production data as long as you continue to pay the monthly storage charges for your data. Any production can be reactivated in the future.

Will I lose data if I stop paying storage charges or my payment is late?

If you fail to make a payment by the due date your account and all your productions will be frozen. We will use the contact details you provide to send you a maximum of three reminders. Use the credit feature of your account to ensure there is sufficient funds available to cover data storage even when you are travelling or unable to access the internet. We reserve the right to delete your account and any associated production data 30 days after the payment is first due.

Why do I get "Access Denied.. Message Expired" errors when accessing my media?

All production media file URLs are only valid for 60 seconds before they expire. Refresh the page and try again. This reduces the risk of media from private productions escaping into the wild.

Who are we?

See About Us for information on the team.

Who uses Rack&Pin

Rack&Pin's customers range from film post production people, transmedia producers through to solo artists, most of whom have had bespoke web service platforms created and hosted by us on their behalf. This platform is pre-launch while we move towards launching it as a turn-key solution for the general public. Here are some anonymous statistics on our customers.


Rack&Pin is a web services platform broken down into useful modules.


DigiLab supports the following tasks for Digital Imaging workflow. View diagram.

  • Asset Management
    • Copy files to server
  • Quality checking (QCing) of Dailies
    • Quality check media
  • Viewing and Screening
    • Web delivery of transcodes e.g. H264, ProRes, Avid MXF
  • VFX
    • View Metadata from original acquisition